Cryptozoic announced something pretty big this week.  If you weren't around, or are just too straight laced to have ever set foot in an arcade, aside from pitying you, I now will partake of you, said knowledge.


The Capcom brand is now part of the Cryptozoic family of games, with a Deck Building Game coming up using the Capcom properties!


Yes I know, I just about peed my pants too! This is both excellent news, and something that I must humbly admit, is pretty amazing for Cryptozoic.  When Cryptozoic started it's company up, my honest opinion was this was a bunch of guys and gals escaping Upper Deck and going to give it the "College try" and see what happens. I could not have been more wrong, nor happier to be!




Cryptozoic is a company that basically came in and took over the World of Warcraft Trading card game from Upper Deck, who honestly, really lost touch with the gaming community.  Don't get me wrong, I think UDE was excellent for a while, but since the WOW Minis fiasco and the subsequent management of the WOW Trading Card Game property, someone needed to push a reset button.


Enter Cryptozoic.  Having taken over the WOW Trading Card Game, this thing has risen to new heights.  There have been many contenders, but none capable of holding a candle to Magic The Gathering's beastdom, but when you look at what Cryptozoic has done with the WOW TCG, you can't help but marvel at a gaming company, by gamers, for the gamers, knowing what their audience wants... and delivering it!


Now, in the last year, Penny Arcade, DC comics, more WOW (the deck building game), The Guild, The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Locke and Key (mind you a Critical Review AND surprise is coming of that soon) Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, and now Capcom have all provided their brands to the trusty hands of Cryptozoic designers.  And all with excellent results.


With Capcom, we gamers are now given a massive addition to Deck Building Games, but also, with this Cerberus system of gameply, can be treated to not only an awesome Deck Building experience from one platform, but we have the potential to see Batman and Blanka battle it out by combining the different universes.   Batman and Blanka!  Heck, that alone makes a gamer drool, but what about Mega Man vs Superman?   Morrigan vs Lex Luthor? Yeah, when you think of things like that, what's NOT to like?


I'm very happy for Crypto to have come this far and I for one will not only be looking forward to the upcoming WOW Deck Building Game and DC Comics Deck Building Game, but also the Capcom universe and the splash it will make when entering the arena!


As an added bonus, here is a link to info from Crypto's booth at GAMA from  


Are you looking forward to more Deck Building goodness?  Or do you think this genre is oversaturated today?  Let us know here, below on Facebook, or through Twitter!

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    NY (Sunday, 25 March 2012 18:19)

    The next year of CZE releases is going to be full of awesome games.

  • #2

    Tox (Wednesday, 28 March 2012 18:23)

    I totally agree! I think with the new engine, the licenses they have, and the brains behind it all, they are on their way to some excellent games in the coming months!

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