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Part of why I love gaming is the people.  Sure there are the sweaty, obnoxious, overweight jackholes, but enough about me!  In all seriousness, the people I get to meet, play games, with, play test with, and just generally hang out with are pretty neat.  As such, you can probably tell this isn't a story about me, a unicorn, and a baboon with his hair on fire.  No, that is a longer story for a taller beer.
This week, while playing games at my local shop, Wonko's, I met a gentleman, Will Bray, and I would like to tell you about the quest he is on, for you can potentially help him!  Please note in advance, I know nothing more than the below information, and am not condoning nor profiting from sharing this information.  Accept said quest at your own risk!  That said... let's see what's up...
Will does market research and is arranging focus groups for boardgamers to demo and critique low-bandwidth, high frame rate, multi-user videoconferencing software that should be released in the U.S. by the end of the year.  The ideal candidates are those who play online but those who play in person can aslo engage and provide feedback!
In order to get feedback on the current interface and suggestions for improving it, he would like to schedule evening demos (30 minutes or so) next week for 3-5 people (whether Austin-based or not) at a time.   
He is seeking any and all critical comments.  Fire away with all criticism, or praise, as the goal is to gather as many verbatim critical comments as possible.  Since I know my followers and I know those in gaming, I trust you can provide straight forward feedback if you choose to help!
This comes from a long-established business video-conferencing software company who wants to change its features and interface to appeal to online board gamers.  The company, NTT-IT Corp (a separate entity from the massive NTT Corp), has thousands of business customers in Japan, and wants to examine online board gamers as a potential U.S. market.
Currently, Will ia scheduling demos on weeknights, but he can be available during the day on Sat/Sun, if necessary.  All that's needed is a Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7 - sorry, no MAC yet) of avg speed and 2004+ vintage, a minimum internet connection of 3 - 6Mbps, and a webcam/microphone (of course, an echo-cancelling mic works best).  The "software is a 7.17MB Active-X control for Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.
If you have any interest, questions, or would like to participate, you can contact Will directly at willbray77@gmail.com and let him know that Crits Happen sent you his way.
In the meantime, keep rolling those dice, flipping those cards, and most importantly, slaying your dragons!

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    Wonko (Thursday, 21 June 2012 03:55)

    I have a game group back in Cali that I'm going to try to work with to finally do some long distance gaming with soon. Will is going to help make this happen :) We should have the PC at the store soon with a camera to enable this :)

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