Critical Plays - Android: Infiltration

After an overwhelming 600+ views of our Android: Infiltration Critical Review, I thought it was about time to put something together that showed the gameplay in more detail!  For this set up, we chose 4 random players and played using the "Specialists" variant rule, where each character has their own specific 2 starting item cards, along with 2 random cards.  


Those of you who read or watched the Critical Review would remember that I mentioned there are no base differences in the character cards so choosing who to play didn't have much affect on the game.  Playing with the "Specialists" variant adds that element to the game and is one I find veyr satisfying and enjoying to play with.


Let us know if you like this type of walkthrough, if you'd like to see more, and if so, which games.  In the meantime, it's time to kick in the door of Cyber Solutions and start extracting some Data Files!

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