Critical Walk Through - Summoner Wars iOS Application

Plaid Hat Games has had a dillema on their hands.  They've had one of the most anticipated applications in ages sitting in limbo.  Announced for June of this yer, Summoner Wars has been widely anticipated as an iOS game, and as the month drew to a close, several grumpy fans started becoming vocal.  As you can imagine, submission to the iOS Apple Store doesn't mean the next day it is online and available.


Thankfully, it went live yesterday, and being a holiday, I'm sure a lot of people off work enjoyed the challenges of downloading it (yes, there were and are some issues with that still, but it appears to be the Apple Store not the App itself) and of course, playing it.


So how does it stack up?  Well, I take you through the tutorial below, so you can check out the interface, mechanics, and how things feel.  I hope this is helpful in making your decision if the app is for you or not.  Don't forget to like us on our facebook page, follow us on twitter and subscribe to our youtube channel for up to date video release info!

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