Win an autographed copy of Food Fight!

As you know, I like to share as much love as possible, so this month, I'm happy to bring another contest to you for someone to own something completely cool!


While at Gen Con, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Cory Jones, President and Chief Creative Officer for Cryptozoic Entertainment!  Cory talked to us about the upcoming DC Deckbuilding game, the Walking Dead Game, Lookouts, and the many other facets that make up Cryptozoic's armory of success!  At the end, he promised something cool, and I'm here to help bring that to you!


This month, I have an autographed copy of Food Fight from Cryptozoic, signed by Cory and game designer Matt Hyra and marked as Gen Con 2012!  You may remember Matt as the designer of Locke and Key, and the super cool dude who provided us an autographed copy of that for a contest as well previously!


So how do you win?  Simple... 


All you have to do is answer these 5 questions below!  The answers can be found on Cryptozoic's Food Fight site, or in the Cory Jones Interview from Gen Con (linked below as well).  Don't forget to click "submit" to submit your answers!  For each correct answer, you'll be entered into the drawing once and we'll announce a winner on September 21st!  Goodluck!


* Note - 1 Submission per person and the deadline to sumbit is Midnight CST on Thursday the 20th of Septermber 2012!



Answer the 5 questions below and for each correct answer, you'll receive one entry into the Food Fight Crits Happen contest!

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

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