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I walked away from Gen Con 2012 impressed by several games.  More importantly, I was impressed by Jason Brenner, the gentleman at UDE behind Marvel Legendary!  Legendary is UDE's take on Deck Building using the Marvel Comics universe.  Truth be told, UDE has not been the most consistent in terms of utilizing Marvel's license in ways to make fans happy, let alone, have handled other games the way the fans would prefer.  I was severly impressed by Jason's transparency when talking with him about this.


We chatted for several minutes before my demo of Legendary, and what I heard was someone who is passionate about gaming, passionate about bringing an entertaining and captivating experience through the game, and one who understood the lay of the land. 


All that said, does Marvel Legendary hold up in an environment where Cryptozoic is coming out with the DC Deck Building game?  Time will tell... until later, when we bring you a Critical Review, we have the below video for you to enjoy, which is our Critical Play of Marvel Legendary.  Grab your Hammer, your Shield, your Arc Reactor, and get Angry... it's Clobberin' Time!

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