Critical Review - Hot Rod Creeps

Racing has long attempted to transfer itself to the table top gaming scene in a fun and engaging way for all it's fans.  There's been board games, card games, and dice games replicating Drag Racing, Formula 1 racing, and Nascar.  While there are several Hits and Misses in the genre, every once in a while, something completely different comes along and spins the entire thing on it's head.


With that, I give you Hot Rod Creeps, from Cryptozoic!  Hot Rod Creeps is a new customizeable racing game with a wild assortment of drivers at the wheel!  It's meant for 2-6 players and ages 15 and up, and as you can imagine by it's name, mayhem and hilarity are a big part of the game! Where does it fall though on the scale of Crits, Hits and Misses?  Rev up your engine, strap in to watch our video and cross the finish line to find out!

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