Pixel Lincoln: Update

Many of you may remember a Kickstarter Project last year called Pixel Lincoln!  I was a staunch supporter of it and am still looking forward to getting my hands on a copy, both as a backer and as a reviewer!  That said, the game has not survived Kickstarter completely unscathed, timing being it's biggest opponent!  


Thankfully, Jason Tagmire, who is the designer, stopped by Kickstarter to provide some amazing photos of the first print... here is his update along with the pictures:


"Hello friends. Things are moving forward with everything Pixel Lincoln over here, as we just received the test print for review. Are you prepared for a ton of images? Thanks to everyone who pledged we exceeded all of our initial goals and in the end, we have a jam backed box of awesomeness. I am so happy with how this came out, and I hope you guys are as well.

Note: The printing may look light and that's because it is. This is simply a test print for review purposes. Along with the printed materials came some high quality prints, showing the actual print quality. It's going to be super vibrant when finished. In the meantime, here are some images. Dialup users beware!" 


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