Critical Plays - The Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game

Last week we showed you the DC Deck Building game, built on the Cerberus Engine from Cryptozoic.  This week, we wanted to contrast it with the Lord of the Rings Deck Building game, also based on the Cerberus Engine.


The LOTR game received a Crit from us during it's Critical Review while the DC Deck Building Game only received a Hit.  Were we spot on?  Is there still debate to be made in either direction?  Ultimately, how do the two games stack up against each other, both in terms of similarities and differences?


Thanks to our friends on Facebook and Twitter, we asked who you wanted to see played, and Aragorn and Gandalf were the winners.  Come with us as we try to simply walk into a deck building game and play, the Lord of the Rings the Deck Building Game.

Cast your vote for the LOTR Deck Building Game:

The Lord of the Rings DBG: Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 

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Comments: 3
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    NY (Monday, 04 February 2013 19:01)


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    Monica (Wednesday, 06 February 2013 20:05)

    Thank you so much for posting this and the LOTR playthrough. I had looked at the DC game in the store and instead opted for Legendary. After seeing this video I definately made the right decision. Can not wait for the LOTR deck building game to come out! I feel like it did a much better job with the same play style due.

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    critshappen (Saturday, 09 February 2013)

    Glad you liked it Monica! NY, sorry, I did kinda presume most everyone knows the movies/story :) Don't worry, they all die in the end when Sauruman whips out his lightsaber and Dobby the house elf sacrifices himself for the group :)

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