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Lots have people have asked me to do previews for their kickstarter games. While I'd love to say yes to everyone, it's nearly an impossibility if not improbability, to do so.  I've stayed true to myself on this one; the games I highlight are games I am personally interested.  We have our Critical Horizons section on the right side bar of the site, and those are truly games I'm interested in.  No one pays to be on there.


That said, I've yet to delve into the world of "Previewing" a game, kickstarter or not.  Logistics, time, and honestly, personal interest have all played a factor in that, but that all said, I'm happy today, to bring you my first Critical Preview!  I recently saw Shift on Kickstarter and it caught my eye.  I admit it, I'm easily distracted by anime fighting games, and this one's art and style sounded intriguing, and I liked their video of discussing the challenge of creating a game that could fit on a business card.  I admire designers who give themselves a fun challenge.


That said, after contacting the gents at Laboratory, they kindly provided us two characters from the game!  With that, I give you a Critical Preview of Shift, the single card CCG, including a highlight of the rules and a short gameplay by myself and Kraken Dan.  I hope you enjoy it, and please, as always, send us your feedback!

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    ImDoneItsOver (Thursday, 21 March 2013 09:52)

    This game is like Cardfight Vanguard as well but in a single card! Brilliant! Im pledging for sure $15 or maybe even the $25!!!!

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