Critical Situation - The Warlord strikes back!

Last time out, the Forcemaster flexed her muscles. This time, it's the Warlord's turn to thrown some pain someone's direction!


Our latest Critical Situation is explosive... literally! Come watch as Tox shares an interesting, somewhat challenging combo, that could bewilder the forceweilder, or any mage in the Warlord's way!


Rules Update from the Mage Wars Team:  "Tox, I consulted the Rule Team, when the Detonate is triggered by the death of the Goblin Bomber, Daze has no effect on the Detonate attack. However, Daze will come into play if the Goblin Bomber tries to us the Detonate as a Full Action Attack."


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Comments: 3
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    Anthony's Analysis (Tuesday, 26 March 2013 20:35)

    Anthony here from Anthony's Analysis on the MAGE WARS Facebook page and MAGE WARS biweekly newsletter.
    Huge fan of the Crit's Happen experience!

    To answer the question you present...

    I have played a few games with similar situations to this. Although my interpretation is unofficial, I believe the detonation caused by Goblin Bomber is NOT affected by the daze condition. The Goblin Bomber must first be destroyed BEFORE this ability activates. Thus, the Goblin Bomber might be Stunned, Dazed, Slammed, or whatever. It makes no difference. Once he is destroyed, these condition markers are removed along with him and the detonation takes place. He does not "declare" this as an action or an attack and is therefore not affected by conditions.

    I hope this helps to clarify the situation. Keep up the fantastic work! :)

    - Anthony

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    C. E. Freeman (Tuesday, 26 March 2013 20:59)

    I agree with your rules decision for the reasons that Anthony detailed.

    I think the better tactic would be to shoot the Forcemaster with the 7 dice attack from Grimson Deadeye. Once the Forcemaster was slammed she became incapacitated and could no longer roll for defense. I would not be able to resist the opportunity especially if I had initiative next round.

    Overall I still think it was a clever play.

  • #3

    critshappen (Wednesday, 27 March 2013 23:48)

    Well said, and that's pretty much the way we saw it too. Still waiting to see if Patrick or anyone from Mage Wars comments directly, but unitl then, most parties seem in agreement on this tactic.

    That said, C.E., yes, it's hard to not shoot her once she's slammed, but the fun of stunning everyone is solid as well. In both cases, Grisbane is really powerful I feel and the slight adjustment to a Warlord to have spells like Force Bash is a lot of fun.

    Thanks for watching and commenting gang! Great discussion!

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