Critical Situations - Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Critical Situations are designed to share a specific moment in time of a table top game, where we take a turn, and ask the community for their input on the turn, as well as what you'd do given all the information at hand.  They're not meant to be the most strategic or tactical actions shown, but more to start a conversation, which thus far, everyone in the Critical Community has been great at!


Our previous Critical Situations have focused on Mage Wars and Seasons, and this week we see another Crit of a game making it to the table, in the form of Fantasy Flight's Descent: Journeys in the Dark, along with the expansion, Lair of the Wyrm!  This time around though, we have a slight twist!

If you're old enough to remember Choose Your Own Adventure books, then you probably remember the power you felt making your own decisions, flipping the pages, and hanging on every word with anticipation as to the outcome of your choice!  While possibly not quite as daring, we're taking a stab at our own "Choose your own" type of adventure.


In this week's Critical Situation, we're going to show you a specific point in time during Gold Digger, the first quest in Lair of the Wyrm, and then we're offering you the option of either choosing the Hero's Path or the Overlord's Path (or both if you are inclined)!  You can watch the outcome of our turn with either, and add your commentary, what you liked, what you didn't, and of course, most importantly, what you would have done!  


Grab your best swords and shields, ready your mana, and get ready to delve into the dungeons with the rest of the Critical Community!


Below, you'll find the introduction video that will explain the lay of the land, the heroes involved, and the options at hand.  After, you'll be able to choose the Hero's or the Overlord's path... Whichever fate awaits, we hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback!


Introduction Video:

After having watchted the Introduction Video, it's then time to choose your fate... Are you a Hero or an Overlord?

Heroes or Overlord?:



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Comments: 2
  • #1

    lassenyboe.9524 (Tuesday, 25 June 2013 03:23)

    Excellent videos, although i would't mind seeing some video(s) explaining the new stuff implemented into the game with this expansion (lair of the wyrm) and how they work

  • #2

    critshappen (Tuesday, 25 June 2013 22:50)

    Well, we showed one of the new monsters (the fire imps), as well as the new quest, one of the new heroes and the new board pieces in this. We're probably not going to have this slotted for an in depth review due to timing and schedule, but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

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