Critical Preview - Give it to the King

Kickstarter, and other crowdfunding sites, bring out a lot of creativity in people and corporations looking to bring their dreams to life.  Our next project falls directly into those categories with a new company, the Flux Capacity, and designer Francois Valentyne's new game, Give it to the King!


Give it to the King is a unique racing game, where you and several other messengers are clamoring down a narrow hallway en route to the King's chambers with highly important messages that the King will pay handsomly for!  However, he'll only pay the first person that arrives, so you have to be quick on your feet, and fast with your actions.


The unique mechanic of Give it to the King is that the messages which you can be paid for also have in game affects that you can play, at the sacrifice of not being paid for messages you use in such a manner.  Are you willing to risk it all for strategic plans or rely on fate to get you to your leige!?  



NOTE: As soon as the Kickstarter project is live for this, we'll include links in the video!

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