Critical Preview - Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes

I've always been a fan of augmenting one's gaming experiences in any way that provides enjoyment (provided of course, no one gets hurt!  The last thing any band of merry men needs are "hammer marks" from a night of dice rolling!  I have seen some amazing aesthetic upgrades to games over the years that range from ancient money being used, to custom tokens, to fan made bits and chits that inspire, muse and deepen the overall experience, as well as one's love of the game!


Today I'm happy to share a new Kickstarter project called Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes with you, to possibly augment any of a number of your gaming experiences.  Be it Role Playing or other table top games, Darkraven is poised to add a thematic experience to your gaming session that'll literally be music to your ears!  Darkraven, a pair of musicians who have been playing together for quite some time, have put together an ambitious, and already funded program, to help increase your experience at the table through the use of custom made audio tracks for many different environments.


I'm a big believer that if mused or inspired correctly, gaming can be taken to even new heights yet achieved in your regular play groups and providing audio tracks like these can get your gaming group into the right mood for a lengthy series of games or one major adventure.  Take a listen below, and if you are interested, you can see more about their project below as well!  Additionally, see some of their custom artwork below that can help set the tone depending on the current "encounter" you may be in!


I had the opportunity to hear several of their tracks from their project site.  While the MP3s are unique with cool sounds, it's much more than that.  Instantly, I began thinking of my own campaigns in Pathfinder when listening to several tracks, like the ones below.  Several Pathfinder groups I've introduced this project to have said they can't wait to get these sounds involved in their campaigns, be it as climactic events or background enhancements, and I for one have enjoyed doing the same with my own campaigns!


Whether you are a fan of the "Flying Frog" type of experiences that immerse you in games and you’re looking for a broader set of options, you are new to gaming and want find a way to stylize your next gaming experience, or you are somewhere in the middle, Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes provide a unique kickstarter way to inspire, enrich, and deepen your table top (and probably more than just that even) experiences!

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