Critical Strikes - Dino Hunt Dice, Boomtown Tycoon, Cthulhu Gloom

It's time once again for a Critical Strike, which means a small set of 3 micro-reviews, of table top games. In this episode, we are taking a look at Dino Hunt Dice (from Steve Jackson Games), Boomtown Tycoon (from Ian Brodie and The Game Crafter) and Cthulhu Gloom (from Atlas Games)!


Dino Hunt Dice is a "press your luck" style dice game, very similar to Zombie Dice, where your goal is to capture dinosaurs for your zoo before being "stomped".  Meanwhile Bomtown Tycoon and Cthulhu Gloom are card based, albeit it completely different from each other.  In Boomtown Tycoon, you'll be mining building an old west town and mining gold in a deck building fashion while Cthulhu Gloom will see you attempting to ruin your family's day, before "offing" them, through a series of creative events.


Three completely different themes, and three completely different games... but where do they fall in the realm of Crits, Hits and Misses?  Our video below puts each one through its paces, answers those questions, and compares them to other games like them that you may have played already.  Don't forget to join in the discussion by voting on your rating below or by sharing this info through our social links below!

Critical Strikes is sponsored in part by Wonko's Toys and Games in Austin, Texas.  Check them out online at today!

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