Critical Situation - Episode 5 - Dark City

Last year Marvel Legendary took the deck building world by popular storm, no pun intended X-Men fans!  The wide amount of variable games with different heroes, villains, masterminds, and schemes made for a high amount of replayability, however, it was met with some skepticism both in terms of aesthetic design and regarding the company that made it.  Let's face it, Upper Deck isn't known for "sticking to their guns" when it comes to keeping games alive, good, bad or indifferent. Additionally, the "universal" artwork, of one character's set of cards being the same art did rub some people the wrong way.  


Happily though, there's now Dark City, the first "expansion" to the game, including 17 new heroes, all with new, and different artwork, along with new masterminds, harder schemes and more of pretty much everything!  It's amped up the art, the amount of everything in the game, and most importantly, the difficulty level!


As such, we wanted to take time and share this game with you in the form of a Critical Situation, not just as a turn though like we normally do, but as a full game play!  We use Apocalypse as our Mastermind along with what most say is one of the more difficult schemes, Detonate the Helicarrier, however, we had to "do our best" with this one due to the complexity.  


The scheme calls for six Hero groups, which we used, although in a normal solo game you only use three and what we've heard is most people add one more group for four.  Additionally, we "Exploded" the helicarrier a bit differently than normal.  While I'd like to say this was meant as an "easier mode" it was truthfully a play option as the video mentions.  We have played this one both ways and while the way we play it does make it "easier", this is still a challenge.  Truth be told, we seem to have gotten pretty lucky in this one, but true believers, you'll have to watch to see what happens!


Note: Anyone looking for a good explanation of how to "explode" the helicarrier, check this link out.

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