Critical Review - Gearworld: The Borderlands

Some games are deceiving.  The look like one thing, even act sometimes like that one thing, but then after a full sit down, you realize they aren't anything like that thing at all!  Gearworld the Borderlands, which is a re-themed reprint of the Borderlands from years ago, attempts to stylize the area and resource control concepts with an infusion of Steampunk, Skyworks, and a lot of boats and guns.


Several people always ask me what theme hasn't been done justice in the gaming world and I continue to say "steampunk".  There's a lot of "good" games about Steampunk, but nothing that has ever wowed me or blown my doors off.  Does Gearworld do that to me?  Come along with me and let's see how this world of guns, horses, resources, and ships plays out... 


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