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I love being proved wrong.  Next to failing at something and learning how to be better, being proved wrong is probably one of the most exhilarating experiences in life.  When it comes to gaming, trends start, build big early, and continue in the same pattern more so than we'd like to admit. Deckbuilding games are a great example of that.  Dominion, Ascension, Eminent Domain... each one got a bit better at the formula, but none seemed to ever perfect it.


A few months ago, AEG announced they were reprinting Trains which was a Okazu game in the Asia Pacific region.  Color me underwhelmed.  A deckbuilding game about being an owner of a train company.  Not even being a conductor?! We all know being conductor is the most fun right? How can a game about deckbuilding to be a corporate "manager" be fun?


I'm wrong.  I am so wrong! And I'm SO happy to be... 

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