Critical Interviews - Ben Stoll; Cryptozoic

Hex. It's pretty much Latin for Success at this point!  Hex: Shards of Fate, was a wildly successful kickstarter from Cryptozoic Entertainment recently, hauling in over 2 Million on Kickstarter alone!  It's the world's first TCG and MMO combination, and looks, if what we saw at Gen Con is an indication, that it will be at, if not on top of, the mountain top for a long time coming.


But, Hex isn't all that Cryptozoic showed off at Gen Con this year.  New releases like Gravwell and the Hobbit were on stage, as well as some glimpses into the future with the newest DC Deck Building Game set as well.  Cryptozoic is a company that prides itself on "live the dream" moments, and whether you want to be a super hero, a space explorer, a zombie killer, or now, an online TCGMMO Player, they seem to have all your bases covered!


See our interview with Ben Stoll, lead designer for PVP in Hex, from Gen Con 2013 below, and check out more about Hex and Cryptozoic online!

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