Critical Interviews - Justin Gary; Stoneblade Entertainment

Justin Gary has had a heck of a career and life in the gaming industry. He's a Magic Pro Tour World Champion, he's designed numerous famous games, and now owns his own company, Stoneblade Entertainment, formerly Gary Games.


If conquering the tables wasn't enough, Justin, and his dedicated team, launched SolForge, a digital card game, on Kickstarter last year, which was met with resounding success from the gaming public!  A year later, SolForge is a reality, but it's not stopping this "king of cards" from both supporting the table top franchise, Ascension, he's built, as well as looking to the future for the next big thing in gaming.


We stopped in to the Stoneblade booth at Gen Con 2013 in Indy and caught a few minutes with Justin.  If you are interested in learning more about Ascension or Solfroge, we highly recommend it!


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