Critical Preview - Smash Monster Rampage

5th Street games has a rather successful and entertaining looking kickstarter on their hands, with a 3D set up of Monster Mayhem and 'Copter Chaos, calls Smash Monster Rampage!  As you can imagine, this isn't a stroll through central park!


Smash Monster Rampage looks to capture all the fun of a gigantic monster thrashing through a well built, but seemingly fragile city, setting buildings on fire, gobbling up pedestrians, and driving the military to bring out the big guns!  In this case, the big guns are tanks and helicopters that will shoot at, and hopefully destroy, said big bad monster.


This is a solo or fully cooperative game that is being brought to you by the same company that produced Farmageddon and Jungle Ascent, both successfully funded on kickstarter.  If you'd like to learn more after watching our Critical Preview, head on over to their project page today and if you like it, you may be able to help them "smash" their goals!

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