Critical Preview - Road Kill

I was, am, and always will be a huge Car Wars fan.  The concept of racing down a highway and spitting flamethrowers at enemies, spilling oil slicks behind me, and firing rockets at helicopters had me spend so much money in my youth on Car Wars and Spy Hunter it's amazing I didn't become a stunt car driver!


At Gen Con this year, I had the opportunity to meet two gentlemen who are rebooting their Kickstarter that is all about everything us vehicular combat specialists love; Road Kill - Ultimate Car Combat!  We took some live footage and had the chance to talk with Miles and Greg, who started, stopped, improved, and are back to wow you with everything the roads can handle!  If you are interested in their project after watching our video, check out the links below to see more!  Until then, set your rockets to heat seeking, and watch your rear view mirror!

Kickstarter Project Video:

Current Kickstarter Status:

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    TimboIV (Tuesday, 10 September 2013 12:15)

    Woohoo!!!! Can't wait to add this one to my collection!

  • #2

    Dan Porter (Wednesday, 11 September 2013 16:56)

    I had a chance to play this! it ... is... AWESOME!!!

    Back it on kickstarter quick! If enough people contribute, a box set will be available!

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