Critical Preview - Infamy

We play a lot of kickstarter beta/prototypes... a LOT!  Some of this is done in preparation for a Critical Preview and some is just good old fashioned "can you look at my game?" type stuff.  In either case, we love getting a chance to play new things, new ideas, and new mechanics.


Why am I tell you this?  Because Infamy, from Mercury Games and Travis R. Chance, is easily one of the three best kickstarter games I've played this year! I'm very happy to bring you a Critical Preview of a game that is almost about to end it's kickstarter program (so if you are interested, check it out fast!) but has a load of excitement and fun waiting for you!


Infamy combines bidding, worker placement, and resource management/mission completion mechanics into the well designed world of ARES-6, a martian mining colony.  Your role?  Be a freelancer criminal and take over one of the gangs on ARES-6, or, gain enough Infamy to rule on your own!

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