Critical Play - Solforge

In an effort to bring you more of the digital world of Board Gaming, we're taking our first dive into a recorded Critical Play of Solforge!  Solforge, which is free to play, recently went live near Gen Con 2013, and is improving as we go, allowing for custom deck building now, and campaign and tournaments down the road.  iPhone and Android are also on the horizon for this popular kickstarter success!


Here we take one of our custom made decks called The Soul Thickett, based around the Nekrium and Uterra factions (which your critical feedback is appreciated on) and take on a match against the hard AI! Thinking ahead, if this is popular, we may even offer the opportunity to play critical fans and record them for all to see, so let us know your feedback!

Special thanks for Ricky at Lets Level Up for his help with the tech side of this! Check him out today!


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