Critical Plays - Solforge (Tutorial/Overview)

Last week, during our discussions around the Critical Play we shared for Solforge, we received several requests to give an overview of the game, or a short tutorial.  Well, we do our best to listen and provide when our Critical Community asks, so without further ado, I give thee that very thing!


This time out we have a short overview of the deck builder, the factions, what Solforge is and where it game from, as well as some game play footage, card explanation and bit of this and that in between!  Let us know your thoughts... we're also planning a contest here very soon, where you may be able to be featured playing Solforge on Crits Happen!  Stay tuned!

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Comments: 2
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    TimboIV (Monday, 07 October 2013 22:12)

    Thanks for the video, just got it today and trying it out. I'm not doing so well but having fun learning.

  • #2

    critshappen (Tuesday, 08 October 2013 08:39)

    I did terrible the first few weeks too, it's a learning curve of when to attack and when to cast a creature/spell, but it comes with time :) enjoy!

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