Critical Review - Bruges

Bruges (Brugge, pending your location in the world) is a new game from Stefan Feld and Z-Man Games.  Both Feld and Z-Man have been on fire recently, with solid games (Castles of Burgundy from Feld, and even more diseases in Pandemic from Z-Man to name a few) and are riding a very solid high in the table top game world!


Combining a world renowned designer and a top of the notch publisher should equal easy success right?  In Bruges, Feld takes us on a journey in 15th century Belgium, where it's our job to influence and build our way to success, as the city of Bruges is about to become a bustling economic center in the European region!


We'll be building houses and canals, influencing everyone inhabiting the city from nobles to peasants, and trying to gain favor in the political ranks, all with the goal of having the most victory points at the end of the game!


Come with us as explore the city, its canals, and its people in Bruges!

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This game was provided to Crits Happen by Dragon's Lair in Austin Texas!

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