Critical Preview - RARRR!!!

There's something very satisfying about playing a monster, building up power, and using it to destroy some unknowing cityscape.  Many games like Monsterpocalypse, King of Tokyo and others have provided new and unique ways to enjoy the Kaiju theme of giant sized dinosaurs and monsters wreaking havoc on townsfolk.


Today, we present you a new Kickstarter project from APE Games called RARRR! In RARRR you will not only be a monster doing all these dastardly destroying deeds, but you'll get the opportunity to draft your monster's powers, strategize on what type of attack will work best and choose which cities, from several worldwide, you'll get to bash up!


For a monster game, RARRR is surprisingly light, both in terms of complexity to pick up, and in actual portability!  While simple to pick up, the options and strategy are there, and thus far RARRR has proved to be a big punch in a small package!

If yo uare interested in this type of game, you can see their Kickstarter preview and status, below our preview video a bit further down the page.

Kickstarter Preview Video:

Current Kickstarter Status:

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