Critical Strikes: LOTR, Pandemic, & Maximum Throwdown

Our last Critical Strike was gigantic, with every game we brought home from Gen Con!  This time around, we're back to normal with 3 games being highlighted in 20 to 30 minutes!


Today we have Deck Building, Cooperative Cube Pushing, and Competitive Card Tossing all rolled into one wild and crazy time!  From Cryptozoic we take a look at the Lord of the Rings Deck Building Game: The Two Towers, the sequeal to, shocker, the Fellowship of the Rin Deck Building Game!  Never saw that coming did you?  After, we dive into the lab, literally, In the Lab with Z-Man's latest expansion for Pandemic!  Finally, we toss everything in the air and let the pips fly as we take Maximum Throwdown out for spin!


And of course, a BIG thank you to our Critical Strikes Sponsor,

Wonko's Toys and Games in Austin, TX!


You can find these, and other great games at today!


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