Critical Plays - Hearthstone: Mage vs Priest

World of Warcraft is practically known by anyone who is a gamer; whether they consider themselves video gamers or not!  It's no surprise that Blizzard, one of the most successful video game companies in the world, has decided to take their already immensely popular universe, and turn it into an online card game... however, this isn't the WOW TCG if that's what you're expecting!


Hearthstone is similar to WOW TCG, it has attack, health, mana, creatures to play (mrglglglglglglgle goes the Murloc), and heroes to attack.  And, like its closely related sibling, Hearthstone sees two mages battling it out to lower their opponent's life to 0 first.  Hearthstone just happens to do all that in a more streamlined, faster, somewhat lighter way.  


Join us as Kraken Dan and I take Hearthstone for a spin, provide some introduction, and begin our journey in this free to play collectible card game in the World of Warcraft Universe!


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