Critical Plays - Hearthstone Arena Drafting

One of my favorite things about CCG/TCG type games is drafting.  I always felt it level set the playing field, allowing you to compete against other players where you weren't in a "pay to win" situation.  


In Hearhtstone, drafting is a bit different than what a seasoned CCG/TCG player may think about, but it's fundamentally sound and a lot of fun!  You are presented with three random heroes to choose from and then each "turn" you must selet from 3 available card.


A nice thing about the digital piece of this game is that it can only offer you cards you use, so there's no fear of choosing a Paladin class and only seeing Shaman cards!  We all know the pain of looting a boss, finding Shaman gear, and there's none in your party now don't we?


In this series, we'll be taking a look at the Arena, drafting our cards, and playing through all our games with one hero from beginning to end!  In this first installment, we'll be selecting from three heroes and drafting our set.  Did we make the right choices?  Let us know, and come with us, as we venture into... the Arena!

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