Critical Preview - Space Junk

"In the year 2047 thw world's atmosphere was filled with all manners of junk, and finally those in charge decided to do something about it.  Their solution was to begin production of Space Junk, a brand new reality TV show that followed a group of very carefully, random contestants as they cobbled together spaceships out of whatever junk they can find and did their best to clean up space."


It is with that auspicious beginning that Space Junk launches itself onto your table. Lamp Light Games' first endeavor on Kickstarter is a bit of racing, a bit of combat, a bit of custom ship building, and a lot of comedy as you'll be adding plungers, surf boards, dentures, and anything else floating in the atmosphere to help your ship make it "one more orbit" or attack for "one more hit"!


Is Space Junk as fun as it is funny?  Can the universe, or Earth at least, be cleaned up by you, or your opponents?  Strap onto your elephant rockets and let's find out!

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