Critical Preview - Pixel Glory

At Gen Con 2013 I met a man named Frank Alberts, who introduced me to something called "An Auction Building Game".  I was immediately intrigued and curious as to what that mean.  I had an idea of course, but I'm here to tell you, this idea, although small, makes for one heck of a fun card game!


In Pixel Glory, you play the role of a fame-hungry wizard.  You, and your opponents, will be "training" in town, using an auction style mechanic to draft spell cards for your deck.  These spells will also provide you essence of a specific element, and ultimately, help you defeat the monsters terrorizing the town in the nearby dungeon.


Pixel Glory is a unique combination of mechanics and a lighthearted theme that come together to produce an engaging and fun experience around the table.  In addition, it's quick to teach, easy to learn, and always different each time you play. The 16 bit art? If you are a retro-lover like me, that's just an added bonus!



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