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Days of Wonder is known for top quality products.  Ticket to Ride is as synonymous with board gaming now as Monopoly was when I was growing up; just thankfully, Ticket to Ride is more enjoyable! In addition, Days of Wonder makes another wildly popular favorite in the board game world, Small World.  


With a track record like theirs it is no wonder that Relic Runners was a highly anticipated new title coming from this power house, this year at Gen Con!  We had the opportunity to partake of some of the bright shiny objects at the Days of Wonder booth, but didn't get a chance to take this for a spin until recently, when play-testing for this very Critical Review.


In Relic Runners, you and your opponents are jungle explorers, armed with some rations and a few tool boxes, dropped off at base camp.  It's up to you to explore the jungle, uncover the secrets of the temples, use the the ruins to guide your way, and capture the most victory points through Relic Runs!  But... is it fun?

Cast your vote: Relic Runners; Crit, Hit or Miss?

Relic Runners; Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 

This game was provided to Crits Happen by Dragon's Lair in Austin Texas!

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