Critical Strikes - Smirk and Dagger Edition!

Smirk and Dagger recently got a hold of us to check out Cutthroat Caverns and Dread Curse; both games we've wanted to get on the show for a review for a while. Ironically, when talking to the owner of Wonko's to figure out their sponsored game for this month's Critical Strike, they had a copy of Sutakku that looked perfect... and, since it was also from Smirk and Dagger, why not right?!


All three games are very different, from Pirates to Dice Stacking to Dungeon Delving, but all three provide unique experiences with familiar mechanics.  Whether you've been wondering about Cutthroat Caverns for some time (like we were) or you have recently seen Sutakku or Dread Curse on the shelf taunting you to add them to your collection, we hope this episode helps you make the right choice for you, and your game group!

Don't forget to case your own vote:

Cutthroat Caverns: Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 
Sutakku: Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 
Dread Curse: Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 

Thank you to Wonko's our Critical Strikes Sponsor!

If you like any of the games you've seen here, check out Wonko's at Wonko' today!

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