Critical Preview - Privateer

This Critical Preview is brought to you by the letter "R"... say it with me... "Arrrgh!"


Bad puns aside, if I could go to any time in the world and be anyone, being an infamous pirate, sailing the Caribbean seas and plundering merchant vessels sounds like a pretty fun adventure!  Privateer, a recently re-launched kickstarter, is out to provide you just that swashbuckling, cargo filling, port plundering good time!


We had the opportunity to put this high seas adventure through its paces and have thoroughly enjoyed it!  We're looking forward to seeing the final product, but in the meantime, enjoy our slightly longer than normal Critical Preview, where we show you a 3 player game of Privateer!  Shiver your timbers, strap on your boots and sword, and set sail with Mrs. Tox, Kraken Dan (so appropriately named here) and myself as we hire crew, trade goods, and attack some unsuspecting merchants in Privateer!


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