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If you are like me, you like to give back when and where you can.  You may also have noticed that this hobby and industry of board gaming we all love is a rather philanthropic one!  We're a generous bunch, with big hearts, high hopes, and dreams that drive us towards greatness!


With that in mind, I am happy to share with you today a special auction for a collectors copy of Viticulture, hosted on, from Stonemaier Games.  There are 13 copies of the collectors edition, each set attributed to some of Stonemaier Games' favorite reviewers/bloggers in the industry.


You have a chance to bid any of them, or all of them, but of course, we'd appreciate you bidding on ours, in support of the American Heart Association!  

So what is the Auction all about?  I'm glad you asked...


Half of the winning bidder's bid for each game will go to a charity selected by the blog associated with that game. The blog whose game garners the highest winning bid will get the entire amount for their charity of choice. Also, the blog whose game garners the greatest number of thumbs will receive an advance review copy of our next game--so even if you don't bid, this is a way to get an early look at Tuscany by your favorite reviewer (hopefully Crits Happen)!


Each winning bidder will receive:


  • One autographed complete set of the retail first edition of Viticulture
  • One custom-crafted, limited edition wooden box
  • A set of second-edition rules (the first ever to be printed)
  • 6 "grande" meeples (not the official grande meeples, but they will serve as great-looking stand-ins from Meeple Source until Tuscany is released)
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world, delivered before Christmas (pending timely payment)


To make things even more interesting, each of the 13 games will include one of the following bonus items. Starting with the highest winning bidder, each winner will get to choose one of these items to be included in with their limited edition copy:


  • The Aboriculture expansion (this is the only remaining replacement copy of Arboriculture we have)
  • One prototype of one of the first expansions in the Tuscany expansion pack (you will be the first non-founder of Stonemaier Games to see this expansion)
  • One of five custom-etched, stainless steel Viticulture corkscrews
  • One of two sets of custom-etched, stemless Viticulture wineglasses (each set is a pair of glasses)
  • One of two Stonemaier Games t-shirts
  • One set of premium Fantasy Flight sleeves for all cards in the game
  • Both uncut card sheets from Viticulture


To see more, check out the Auction on directly!


Please feel free to share this story as well with others using the link buttons below!  All the charities the reviewers and bloggers have chosen are respectable and remarkable in their own way!


Additionally, you never know, you may just find another reviewer or blogger you've never heard of and may find interesting... in the end, not much to lose in checking out an awesome project from an awesome company!


Thank you Stonemaier Games and thank you, the Critical Fans!



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  • #1

    Jamey Stegmaier (Sunday, 01 December 2013 08:36)

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Tox! Last night I also added two more bonus items that winners can choose from (in addition to their special copy of Viticulture): Euphoria supreme and Euphoria deluxe.

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