Critical Strikes - Romance, Tanks, and Big Business!

Today we have another Critical Strike, being that it's the end of the year, we wanted to give you more goodies to look at, and, quite honestly, we have some major catching up to do on reviews!


If you like variety, this episode is for you!  We have everything from a fictional backstory and movie coming together to make a LCG, war time strategy with Tanks and Artillery, and big business, shady deals, and dirty politics!


This time around we're looking at:


  • Romance of the Nine Empires, the "15th Anniversary World Championship Edition" from Alderac Entertainment Group
  • World of Tanks Rush from Hobby World
  • Corporate America from Nothing Sacred Games


Whether you like very deep, even if mildly confusing card games, unique deck builders with a new perspective, or are looking to laugh, we have you covered... literally!

Don't forget to cast your own vote:

R9E: Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 
World of Tanks Rush: Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 
Corporate America: Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 

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