Critical Holiday List - Overlords, Shouting and Exploration!

Our first "Crits-mas" list was a big success!  Thank you all for watching, commenting, and joining in the fun!  This week, we take it up a notch, and I do mean a FULL notch!  I have a gut feeling Mrs. Tox's choice is going to cause a bit of controversy, but, I agree with her as I like the game a lot in 2 player mode, and with my spouse so we'll see how it goes!


Strap in, because this week, we have a host of good gifting ideas for you and your gaming friends!  Once again I share a Gamer's Game, NinjaZach has a Kid's/Family game, and Mrs. Tox has a couple's game!  Let us know your thoughts on these choices and what you'd like to get this holiday season!


Happy Holidays to all! (And thank you to our Critical Fan for suggesting the name "Crits-Mas", well chosen!)

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  • #1 (Sunday, 30 July 2017 05:53)

    That was just on christmas, right?

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