Critical Preview - Chaosmos

If you like deceit, cunning, and treachery, boy do we have a preview for you today!  Chaosmos, the newest Kickstarter from Mirror Box Games, is all that, wrapped up in a collapsing space race, that will leave you wanting more every time you play it.


The concept is simple; in an ever collapsing universe, be the one alien race to find, safeguard, and end the game in possession of the precious "Ovoid" artifact card.  You'll have to use exploration, cunning, thievery, combat, and about every negotiation skill you can think of to do it, but no one said safeguarding your races' future would be easy, did they?


If you like games like werewolf, where you only have "so much" information and it's up to you to piece together the truth, then we suggest you check out Chaosmos!

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