Critical Review - Voluspa and Voluspa: Order of the Gods

Stronghold games is on fire lately, with several great games, most recently bringing out Space Cadets Dice Duel!  This time out, we're taking a spin on a different world though... one with Gods, tricksters, Trolls, and the Mighty God of Thunder, Thor, in Voluspa!


Voluspa. the base game (which now includes the Saga of Edda expansion in the base set) and Voluspa: Order of the Gods, the latest expansion, are tile laying games based in Norse mythology where you'll vie to play the tile with the highest value in a row or column, and score points to defeat your opponents!


Come with us as we battle Frost Giants, Sea Serpents and deadly monsters with Odin, Thor, and other Norse Gods!

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Voluspa: Order of the Gods; Crit, Hit or Miss? free polls 

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