Critical Preview - Mob Town

5th Street Games is known for some seriously fun games with comical themes, and their latest introduction to Kickstarter, Mob Town, grounds itself in both those areas.  Based on area control with resource management and objective based rewards, Mob Town is sure to please strategic gamers, family gamers, and those in between.


Mob Town isn't even “a” town, rather, it is several, as each round in the game is going to see you building a new city out of a clever mechanic that ensures your towns are always different.  From there, it's up to you, or your opponents, to use the rival gangs to secure locations for themselves, scoring the most victory points.  


It’s every Snake, Shark, Weasel, Fox, and Rat for himself, or herself, in this world!  Do you have what it takes to score the most points before the Law comes crashing down on you?

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