Critical Plays - Hearthstone Drafting

I have enjoyed Hearthstone for quite some time now and look forward to the game coming out of Beta soon.  It's nearly 100% polished and provides a quick fix to a TCG/CCG player as well as some very strategic game moments that satisfy almost everyone I know who has played it.


Today I decided to film an Arena run, where we draft a 30 card random deck, after choosing one of three heroes, and then you enter into battles against random online opponents in the hope of gaining riches and spoils.


While I can't guarantee riches and spoils, I can provide you insight into my latest Arena run... stay tuned, as we update more games, we'll post them here! Don't forget to tell us what you think of our choices and (potentially really bad) plays!



Draft and Game 1:

Game 2 and 3

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