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Last year, Darrel Louder (of fame) brought us a set collection game dripping with theme, vibrant with color, and took us all back to our days of Chemistry class!  With the help of Dice Hate Me Games, Darrell gave the world Compounded: Better Gaming Through Chemistry, a science themed game of set collection and slight territory control that appeals to both straight A science nerds and the barely passing flunkies in the lab!


This time out, myself, Kraken Dan, and Eric Dow, the owner of Wonko's Toys and Games in Austin Texas, sit down for a 3 player game of this elemental beauty in the hopes of having fun, and sharing with you, one of our favorite kickstarter successes!  Grab your goggles, grab your Bunsen burners, and let's jump into the world of Compounded!

Stay tuned to this blog post for future parts of the gameplay, including the finale!

Introduction and Game Play Part 1

Game Play Part 2 and Final Thoughts

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