A Critique of... Glass Road

Uwe Rosenberg is synonymous with designer board games to many fans. Love it or hate it, Agricola took the board game world by storm, and many of Uwe's designs and titles are beloved worldwide!  Enter now, into the world of Glass Road!


Glass Road, by Z-Man Games, is a different type of journey you may be used to taking with ol' Uwe.  In this game it'll be smart decision making and wise resource management choices that make you the victor.  Wait, that sounds exactly like Uwe?  Well, did I mention you can play in about 30 to 60 minutes?!


Get ready to "spin the wheel" at your glassworks and brickworks as you'll be gathering and using a lot of resources as you attempt to build buildings, use specialists, and rack up the victory points in your journey down the Glass Road!

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Glass Road: Crit, Hit or Miss?
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