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Most prototypes we get are pretty rough, and that's to be expected.  The rules are sometimes challenging, the pieces are sometimes simple, but we always find a way to muscle through things.  Then, every once in a while, someone brings us something that is extremely well planned, and just downright beautiful.
Lineage, the Martial Arts Strategy Game is just that.  If someone told me the game copy I had was a prototype, I'd pretty much not believe them, this version is that good.  
Lineage is an asymmetrical board game where players play as either the Emperor and General or a pair of Master and Student, vying for different win conditions, while impacting gameplay with every move.  It's deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and culture, and is much more than meets the eye.
Lineage is currently on Kickstarter, so after viewing our preview, head over to their project page to check it out!

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