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Continuing on with our series of Critical Plays, we have a town full of unsuspecting meeples ready to be devoured, destroyed, thrown around like, well, like meeples, an in general have chaos thrust upon them by some wooden Kaiju!  I'm talking of course, about Rampage!


Rampage is possibly one of the most fun games Antoine Bauza has designed, as it's simple to teach, easy to enjoy for all ages, and something adults can laugh at and have fun with, or, sit down with their family for a great evening!  Each player receives a wooden monster, starts on a corner of a board, and literally "goes to town" moving, destroying, and devouring everything in its path!


Come with us as Kraken Dan and I are joined by Rebekah and Eric from Wonko's Toys and Games as we enter this wooden devastation zone together for a 4 player game of Rampage!

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Pat II:

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    MAtt Riddle (Monday, 14 April 2014 09:58)

    LOVE this game. Just plain fun.

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