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I met Chris Leder, the designer of Roll For It, through the  He had a game, City of Gears, which struck us as a "hidden gem". After reviewing City fo Gears, we then kept in touch, and he informed us of this new "party" game he was working on, that honestly, sounded to simple to be good.  I love being wrong!


Roll For It, from Calliope Games, is a tremendously simple, easy to learn, yet challenging game for literally, anyone. To prove this, we sat down at SXSW's gaming festival in Austin Texas, with everyone from Boyan Radakoich (producer of Table Top) to new comers to the world of board gaming and played Roll For It!


This was shot on a GoPro Hero3+ in a "first person" point of view, so not only do you get to see the fun of Roll For It, but you get to see what it's like being "that person" at "that table"! 


Also, check out your local stores on International Table Top Day, April 5th, as there is an exclusive Roll For It Express that may be available in your area!

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    Joe (Tuesday, 01 July 2014 04:42)

    Looks like Four Taverns with dice and no action cards.

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