Critical Plays - The Resistance

Every once in a while, an idea gets tossed around that's so wild, so nutty, so crazy, and insane, that it just MUST be done!  Tiffany (The ONE TAR) and Rhiannon from Spooning Meeples have come up with such an idea, and with that, I humbly present to you, your evening plans this Thursday, the 10th!


This Thursday, myself, Tiffany, Rhiannon, and a host of others will be playing the Resistance, LIVE!  Yes, LIVE!


Allegedly, there was a "dry run" that has been "lost" in the archives where two tremendously handsome and dashing men won as spies recently, but you will have to tune in yourself to see the outcome the actual play through!  Get ready to lie, cheat, backstab and be devious with us online this Thursday!  See you there!


To join us, go here Thursday evening, the 10th at... UPDATE: Time has changed to 8:30 CST!


If you're curious who else may be spies, get ready as we'll be joined by Rodney Smith (Watch it Played), Glen and Cheryl (Couple v.s Cardboard), Ryan Metzler (The Dice Tower), Joel Eddy (Drive Thru Reviews), Antony Racano (The Cardboard Jungle), Hunter Selburne (Weapons Grade Table Top), Chaz Marler (Pair of Dice Paradise), and Rick Perez (Let's Level Up)!

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