A Critique of... Rivet Wars

This month's Critique is going to provide a powerful punch in pint sized form; Rivet Wars the Eastern Front!  Cool Mini or Not, the makers of Rivet Wars, are probably most notably known for their hit kickstarter game, Zombiecide!  This, like Zombiecide, is a minis based game on tiles, but that is where the similarities end and the war games begin!


Rivet Wars takes the "greatest hits" of wargaming and wraps it up into one pint sized package that delivers in a lot of great ways!  Whether you are looking for a way to introduce family members to war games, looking for a way to get friends onto the battlefields, or you are looking for a "not so usual" way to skirmish with pals, Rivet Wars has a bit of something for everyone!


Don't forget to cast your vote and make your voice heard on if you think Rivet Wars is a Crit, Hit or Miss by voting in our poll below the video!  Suit up soldier, or rather, "plug up", and move out! Hup, two, three...

Cast your vote: Rivet Wars; Crit, Hit or Miss?

Rivet Wars; Crit, Hit or Miss?
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