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I used to have a boss who would use the phrase, "Evolve or die!" all the time. He lived by it, or rather, he evolved by it.  It is an interesting concept to delve into... are we as humans evolving right now?  Do we have what it takes to secure our species existence by evolving the right traits?


Thankfully, along comes North Star Games to let us test this theory, in a much more relaxed environment, your gaming table, with Evolution!  Evolution is a new strategy game from North Star Games, who, by all rights, may be a surprise publisher for this, given their other lines of games.  Fear not though dear reader, as this game packs a punch, with horns, camo, climbing and sorts of tricks!


Evolution is a n easy to learn, hard to master, ever changing game that will keep you on your toes to adjust every turn.  Do you defend against predators around every corner, or evolve into one yourself?  Do you balance your land and fill it with multiple species or do you build one dominant race that rules them all?  The choices are yours... in Evolution!

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